Who Am I?

Hey Y’all, my name is Kimberly Pollock and I am both an Educational Equity Consultant for Live Equity, and a full time Professor at Bellevue College where I am the sole full time faculty member and founder of the Cultural and Ethnic Studies Department. With a background in the Humanities, emphasis in both Philosophy and Literature, I decided to do graduate and post graduate work in English.

Teaching about race, class and gender is my life. I thank the goddess each day for Kimberlee Chenshaw’s term, for intersectionality is how I experience the world. My students are my heart. I pour my soul into them each and every class, and they respond with love, by growing, transforming and being more human than when we met.

I hope you enjoy my work. I’m growing and transforming always as well. Please feel free to leave feedback. I’d love to hear what you’re thinking. Dialog is how we make the world we want to live in.

love, kimkim head shot